Before we meet


safety steps in place during this time

giving priority to extended bookings-see below under safety



explicit terms or requests for certain services or references to the menu will end our acquaintance. I welcome all requests but please be a gentleman when corresponding with me.  



After you enter and we greet each other, please place contribution in an envelope in plain sight on a surface near to the door. An envelope will be there for your convenience to use. if we have the pleasure of beginning our time together on a social date, please be sure to present the gift discreetly at the start of our date, preferably in a gift bag or gift card in an envelope.  Do not make any references to your contribution. Then excuse yourself to wash up in the restroom. Being clean and fresh smelling allows for a most enjoyable experience for our time together. If you have not yet showered, please help yourself to a shower. We will still enjoy our full scheduled time together and this won't take from it. 


If you need to cancel or reschedule, please let me know as soon as possible.


I understand that things get in the way at times and plans can change, but please keep in mind 50% of my contribution is expected if you cancel with less than 48 hours. 100% is required if cancelling with less than 24 hours. 

Be aware of this when you schedule to avoid any issues. If cancelation does occur, a deposit is required to reserve any future bookings and your full cancelation fee will be applied as credit towards a rescheduled booking occurring within 30 days of your cancelation date. Thereafter, there will be no refund or credit. Thank you for your understanding and respecting my time so I can continue to best serve you. 


Screening is required before we can meet. i respect your desire for privacy and i can be very discrete, but my personal safety is a priority so I can continue to serve you best.


I like a man that is clean and fresh smelling with minty fresh breath. if you are not able to shower beforehand, feel free to shower upon arrival after placing your contribution down in an envelope as described above. If you have not shaven your face before our appointment, please don't shave on my account as i prefer facial hair on a man and this is appealing to me.  if you do regularly shave, that is fine of course too. Wear your favorite cologne in moderation to our appointment to impress me - I like a man that smells good!


limited dates available, will only see up to 3 new suitors every month, so planning in advance is necessary. will have safety protocols in place, including basic health screening questions and verification of temp 


Thank You for your understanding. 


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Doubles GF Date

Enjoy a Double date with Me and my cute friend or invite your other favorite companion and experience double the fun! Screening is required. Available in DC/VA area with advance appointment or other cities with advanced booking.


Doubles Package

Bring your best guy friend and it will be a Doubles date to remember with reagan being the center of attention. Will require verification for both before scheduling. 

Package deal available now based on availability.